Gia Dreams Indie – Shadows Of Yesterday: Revival 

Project “Shadows of Yesterday”.

Originally created for Rpg Maker VX Ace. The chapter base Rpg Sc-Fi Fast-Action style game made it to its Chapter 3 release before there a stop to the project.

With the release of both, Rpg Maker MV and Smile Game Buidler. There has been an on going debate of which engine to re-make this Story arc in. With Rpg Maker MV engine continues growth, there is consideration to build the Sci-Fi open world experience in the engine. Yet SGB offers the chance to bring to the Gia Dream Indie brand the 1st 3D style game, options have leaned heavily on this engine.

Yet in the end, you’ll likely see Shadows Of Yesterday re-make in the Rpg Maker Mv engine. Next there is the attempt of limited transitions for area swapping. With this being the goal. Would seen easier on the engine for a massive open area to be done in Rpg Maker MV.

What can players expect from the remake of the project. Not only will there be a name change, mechs and player experience will be completely changed. Before had Shadows of Yesterday, tried a blend of ATB (Active Time Battle) with no pause. Keeping the battle experience constantly flowing. While blending Chained Skills.

Players will now enter the world as one of the main Characters, Cyrus. As each chapter ends, the next chapter will begin with them playing as a different main character and experiencing the story from the perspective of the events taken place.

Leveling Up

Player will no longer grind enemies for exp to level. They’ll need kill for materials, gather, and deconstruct for materials use to construct “Implants”. These Implants will affect different aspects of the Character, such as “Knowledge Level” which replaces the “BaseLevel” that we are commonly use to. Along with Power Level (Physical Level) among others. So players will need to constantly maintain their Implants, while Implants are locked to Knowledge Levels.


Combat, will now be fluid Combos. All actions will stem from a base attack and break off into fluid chained actions. Giving more fast and dynamic combat.


Characters will be given Gun weapons and one None gun weapon. That will react as their out of Ammo attack. All Guns will contain a form of ammunition. Rather it be regular bullets, Ether Infusion, or Energy/Plasma cooldowns. With this the player can also just sawp out different Guns during combat

Gia Dreams Indie – Games


Gia Dreams Inide


Since the main home page is still currently down at the time. I shall share the present games/demos on this post. Again i appreciate the patience and cooperation from everyone.

Eoa_Book(0)Logo2 (1)

“Elements Of Alma: Shades of Tragedy”


If at anytime you find that you have questions, feel free to email me at I’ll be happy to help.

Gia Dreams – Migration


With the Home Page shutting down as of (08/12/17) for temporary measures. All future content will be posted here for your convince.

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IndieDev Blog

Aug-01 – Aug-31

Well it has been a long month, much work has been put into the main project “Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy”. With the Demo now officially being released and up for play: Demo.  With the project finally demo ready, the attention has been turned to fill the short story RPG/Adventure/Tactics game with more side options for the player so that they are not forced to only play through the main story and finish it in roughly 5 hours.

Eoa_Book(0)Logo2 (1)

“The Current Title Screen Logo”

The project has also seen an increase in the level cap, which by release might also see a second increase. With balancing enemies and the given “Talents” becoming more polish over time, there has been more room to allow stronger foes to face. Also gives the chance to create: Hard/Extreme – Battle Zona’s. Giving each a new boss base on the challenge level.

Shades Of Tragedy - RPG Maker MV 9_1_2017 7_00_02 PM.png

“The previous Level Cap was Level 20”

While focusing on the side content now, the “Advanced Talents” that can be learned by the characters have been changed, as far as the means of learning them. There will no longer be a need to grind for the higher tier “Talent Runes” they are likely to be eliminated, until further notice they still will be in play for the game. Since the way for learning the “Advanced Talents” has changed, the “Advanced Vocations” are now officially no longer in play, nor mandatory. The role they now play, is similar to that of a container. You will see “Paladin”, but it is not needed for you to switch your Vocation to Paladin to use or learn Paladin Talents. Once you’ve completed the Side Story that will unlock the Advanced Talents for you, you’ll be free to use your “Runes” to learn them. The Side Story quest are extensions, based around a specific characters personal story. As you take part in the stories, you will have a better understanding of that characters persona and how they carry themselves as an Elite Court Member (ECM).

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“Preview of Arudo Mut: Soulist Side story and more”

Crafting? At this point it is not certain if crafting will be implemented in this installment of the series. With the game being as short and pretty face pace as it is, there is already a small gear grind. I see little reason to put the player through the means of grinding to gather materials to now craft the many different sets of equipment that are in the game. The given system already allows for common, “Weapons, Armor, and Artifacts” to be infused with enhancements. So rather than crafting different items. The player can buy multiple’s of the same item. Infuse it with “Ore” or “Branding” to not only change it’s name, but stats and properties. Since gear swapping is allowed in combat that makes it more useful having more than one of the same weapon, also allows the player to customize their inventory items to how they see fit. Perhaps you want to customize a really nice staff for the healer. Staff 1 has Enhancements to healing out put, but perhaps you don’t need the healer to actually heal and would prefer them to go on the offense. That is when Staff 2 can have 1 or multiple enhancements to it, increasing the Magical Offense.

While on the list of changes, Battle Zona’s are  now going be created in “Block/Room” format to help with the players progression when entering one. With the first of the Battle Zona’s to experience this change.  It would the first Battle Zona accessibleto the player: “The Howling Forest”. This allows for the player to even have to locate a “Safe” area. For saving and healing, since there will now be healing springs added to the Battle Zona’s.


“The Howling Forest Level 1 Battle Zona”


With the prequel chapter almost done, i feel happy to introduce the first official main story arc of the series. Book One: The Soul Bearers.Elements of Alma_The SoulBearersLogo01

“Temporary Title Screen/Logo”

The story that continues, and grows with the player. With feeling as “Shades of Tragedy” is ready soon to make it’s release. I felt it time to get a bit of a start with the first Book. Considering it follows after the effects left behind from the prequel. It seem just about right as one closed to open the next. As the story takes place a decent 13 years later after what will be reference to as the “Coming”. You start the story introduce to two siblings, a son and daughter of Martello Sagras. One of the previous story main characters, who part took in the events of the war with the southern nation of  Uhdaga. As the two siblings come across a rare event that might have lingering ties to the events that pass 13 years ago. Their begins setting them off from home, as their father and other allies, have grown far to old to continue their quest for uncovering the truths of what took place. With their ambitions high, to become more than regular day in and out troops of the Rim Military group Martello had started after the fall of the Axandrum Elite Court. They saw this chance as their light at the end of the tunnel, and ready to see it through.


July 2017 Dev Blog


Alright Indie gamer’s, and gamer’s alike! It would seem the month of July is coming to an end, so it is that time were I the Dev take the time to reflect over the whole month on the progression and improvements or even new connections made!

So lets get started with new add on’s to the main website,

  1. The “Report Sections”, so these blogs are considered reports. As they are posted they are later formatted into Google Doc’s were they can be downloaded or viewed when ever.
  2. Updated “Art”, since I not only do dev’ing for games. I also touch in on 2D & 3D art work on the side. There has been a small struggle on how to go about making the Art section flow with out looking chaotic. This is still in the works, but many more art pieces have been added.
  3. Coming soon, will be the Pay Pal link, along with the complete rebuilt  YouTube channel where you’ll be able to view trailers as they released.

Next up!

Dev Podcast with Merely Gamers MG-header-logo.

During “Episode 27” Juice & Tayler took the time to get a little back ground on me, and my brand “Gia Dreams”. As we did get a bit side track, in the end we finally dug deep into the main project “Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy”

Eoa_Book(0)Logo2 (1).png

The release of Elements of  Alma: Shades of Tragedy first official demo! Yet there is still no official trailer out for the game just yet. It is being put together, so do not worry! is where you can currently find the demo!

Gia Dreams Indie – EOA: Vocation Changes

logoart_01For those who are unaware of what the Vocations are. In the EoA series Vocations are similar to that of Classe/Job in many other Rpg or genre games. Yet with the first release title of the series, it has been decided to remove Vocations from the game, the extras that is.  Previously it was set that you would start at the Base tier Vocation and as you level up that Vocation and earn Vocation Tomes, you would be granted access to take a vocation Trial.

That did sound like a good idea at the time, then came the balancing and deciding “why would a player want to play this vocation” since they are lock to characters. With the removal, comes a new shop with in the Crown City of “Axandrum”. The “Guild Halls”, travelers whom have come across seas, and many regions of the world gather in hopes to share their knowledge.  Players will now be given a “Mission Trial” catering to a specific Vocation that in completion will in turn unlock 4 additional Talents.

Gia Dreams Indie Work: Construction Phase 2.


I’m sure many have explored the Home Page, and while visiting the Game section and learning that the headline project “Elements of Alma” has no actual download link. Apologies in lateness.

With this phase in patching the website, the following links have been added.

1. Art: Now you can view the 2D & 3D art styles of Gia Dreams.

2. About: Brief background of Gia Dreams, and roles.

3. Animations: Since the small shift from 2D to 3D has begun, in the 3D section will now have Animations listed in there as Gia Dreams progress.

Since this phase does not complete the site in whole, there will be another schedule maintenance later in the year.