Gia Dreams Indie – EOA: Vocation Changes

logoart_01For those who are unaware of what the Vocations are. In the EoA series Vocations are similar to that of Classe/Job in many other Rpg or genre games. Yet with the first release title of the series, it has been decided to remove Vocations from the game, the extras that is.  Previously it was set that you would start at the Base tier Vocation and as you level up that Vocation and earn Vocation Tomes, you would be granted access to take a vocation Trial.

That did sound like a good idea at the time, then came the balancing and deciding “why would a player want to play this vocation” since they are lock to characters. With the removal, comes a new shop with in the Crown City of “Axandrum”. The “Guild Halls”, travelers whom have come across seas, and many regions of the world gather in hopes to share their knowledge.  Players will now be given a “Mission Trial” catering to a specific Vocation that in completion will in turn unlock 4 additional Talents.

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