July 2017 Dev Blog


Alright Indie gamer’s, and gamer’s alike! It would seem the month of July is coming to an end, so it is that time were I the Dev take the time to reflect over the whole month on the progression and improvements or even new connections made!

So lets get started with new add on’s to the main website, http://www.giadreams.com

  1. The “Report Sections”, so these blogs are considered reports. As they are posted they are later formatted into Google Doc’s were they can be downloaded or viewed when ever.
  2. Updated “Art”, since I not only do dev’ing for games. I also touch in on 2D & 3D art work on the side. There has been a small struggle on how to go about making the Art section flow with out looking chaotic. This is still in the works, but many more art pieces have been added.
  3. Coming soon, will be the Pay Pal link, along with the complete rebuilt  YouTube channel where you’ll be able to view trailers as they released.

Next up!

Dev Podcast with Merely Gamers MG-header-logo. http://www.merelygamers.com

During “Episode 27” Juice & Tayler took the time to get a little back ground on me, and my brand “Gia Dreams”. As we did get a bit side track, in the end we finally dug deep into the main project “Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy”

Eoa_Book(0)Logo2 (1).png

The release of Elements of  Alma: Shades of Tragedy first official demo! Yet there is still no official trailer out for the game just yet. It is being put together, so do not worry!

http://www.giadreams.com is where you can currently find the demo!

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