Gia Dreams Indie – Shadows Of Yesterday: Revival 

Project “Shadows of Yesterday”.

Originally created for Rpg Maker VX Ace. The chapter base Rpg Sc-Fi Fast-Action style game made it to its Chapter 3 release before there a stop to the project.

With the release of both, Rpg Maker MV and Smile Game Buidler. There has been an on going debate of which engine to re-make this Story arc in. With Rpg Maker MV engine continues growth, there is consideration to build the Sci-Fi open world experience in the engine. Yet SGB offers the chance to bring to the Gia Dream Indie brand the 1st 3D style game, options have leaned heavily on this engine.

Yet in the end, you’ll likely see Shadows Of Yesterday re-make in the Rpg Maker Mv engine. Next there is the attempt of limited transitions for area swapping. With this being the goal. Would seen easier on the engine for a massive open area to be done in Rpg Maker MV.

What can players expect from the remake of the project. Not only will there be a name change, mechs and player experience will be completely changed. Before had Shadows of Yesterday, tried a blend of ATB (Active Time Battle) with no pause. Keeping the battle experience constantly flowing. While blending Chained Skills.

Players will now enter the world as one of the main Characters, Cyrus. As each chapter ends, the next chapter will begin with them playing as a different main character and experiencing the story from the perspective of the events taken place.

Leveling Up

Player will no longer grind enemies for exp to level. They’ll need kill for materials, gather, and deconstruct for materials use to construct “Implants”. These Implants will affect different aspects of the Character, such as “Knowledge Level” which replaces the “BaseLevel” that we are commonly use to. Along with Power Level (Physical Level) among others. So players will need to constantly maintain their Implants, while Implants are locked to Knowledge Levels.


Combat, will now be fluid Combos. All actions will stem from a base attack and break off into fluid chained actions. Giving more fast and dynamic combat.


Characters will be given Gun weapons and one None gun weapon. That will react as their out of Ammo attack. All Guns will contain a form of ammunition. Rather it be regular bullets, Ether Infusion, or Energy/Plasma cooldowns. With this the player can also just sawp out different Guns during combat

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